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This page is dedicated to all these wonderful people who provided such a GREAT home for all my pups. You all have no idea how much it means to me and just to know that these dogs are all cared for in such loving way, brings tears to my eyes. It defines all that I stand for. I hope each one of these pups have brought as much enrichment to your lives, as you have to theirs. THANK YOU, I couldn’t have asked for better homes!
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Hello everyone,
Panda arrived safely at my friends house in Maine Tuesday evening. What a stunning boy he is, his name is Olivera's the great bear (Olivera's Cresteds)
When Linda brought him out of the car he was so happy and full of life I said to her wow what a gorgeous puppy, her response was yes he is and how much fun she has had with him the last couple of days. People pulled up in a motor home and was asking questions about the breed and where he came from, asked if they could take pictures of him, well Panda stacked beautiful for them. I wish I had given them my email and asked for them to send me a copy because he looked so good standing there free stacking.
I can't wait to get him in the show ring, he is one flashy beautiful boy with personality and attitude to go along with it, I know we will have so much fun in the ring.
Thank you so much Luiz for allowing Panda to come live with us, we love him, and thank you for being such a great help.
Owner: Debbie McIntyre - New Brunswick, Canada


Dear Luiz,
Thank you sooooo much for our little Zoe, she is the most awesome little girl! Everyone loves Zoe! 
She is adjusting very well to her new home and her new brothers and sisters, not to mention her human family. We were a little concerned that our Min Pin, Sassy, would not be pleased with a new family member, but she has surprised us all (I think it's because she knows Zoe is a little baby). Ollie, our Papillion, is afraid of her, so he just gets up on something, away from her. The 2 Dobies, Kobi and Eli, like her ok, they just sniff and go on with whatever. She goes right up to them now, in the beginning she was a bit intimidated by their size, that's understandable, huh?
Doctor Bridgette, our Vet, thinks she's adorable and gave us the good news that she's in great health. She got her 2nd set of shots, ouch!
We went to the store this weekend and got her a few toys. She still loves the little rattle that she came home with. We are working on fetching it and she's doing very well with that. She also likes her little teddy bear doll, and her chew rope and her knee bones (they are the best!). We are loving her bunches and bunches. Don't fret, we are also working on our table presentation, and walking on the lead.
Thank you again, we are grateful for the opportunity to have her in our family, and to help her earn her Championship! We will keep you updated.
Blessings, Rhonda 
Owner: Rhonda Langford - LaBelle, FL


Hi Luiz!
Carmella is doing well, acclamating to her new surroundings and new friends. She is a lovely little lady! So cuddly and sweet. 
She is a very well put together dog. Great angulation, beautiful head and expression, and good coat. I cannot wait to see her mature into a beautiful young lady!!!
Owners: Amy Rutherford, AltaCrest Kennels / Dawn Rivenburg, Shalimar Kennels


Nephi has blessed our family in so many ways!
He is a true friend to both my children,when they call him he always come running to them he is both loyal and sensitive to their needs. Nephi has a go getter attitude and wants to please...all for a pat on the head and a warm spot next to you on the couch!
Nephi never stop surprizing me just when I think he can do something he always does it. The other day I was tried after a long day and set of to take a shower,then I relized I was not alone Nephi was right beside me!I was shocked that he loved me so much that he didnt want me out of his sight.
Nephi's love doesn’t end there....I truly feel that Nephi was meant for our family. I never thought little Nephi could me loved so much by my family! 
Oliveracresteds will always be in my heart....thank you again!
The Donovan family
Owners: Holly and Robbie Donovan - Lakeland, FL


Hello everyone,
Hello just a note to say that rocky is doing great. heis playing with the other dog and all of us. He is very bright and eager to get into everything.
He is sleeping with louisa part of the night.
Thanks Pat Cestone.
Owner: Pat Cestone- Wesley Chapel, Florida


Hello everyone,
Riley has been a wonderful addition to the family. He has such a cute personality, and has adjusted quite quickly. I was surprised at how smart he is and how quickly he picked up basic commands. It's been fun acclimating him to the rest of the world. Everyone who sees him comments on how cute he is.
Our greyhound has become quite the "big sis" literally and figuratively. Riley loves to get her to play, and doesn't seem bothered by her size at all. It's fun to watch Riley chase her around the back yard. 
We are looking forward to many happy years with Riley!
  Jason and Jamie.
Owner: Jason Smith & Jamie Childress

Candy Cane

Hello everyone,
Little Candy (canon-ball…dewaine’s new nickname) arrived safe and sound yesterday after a long trip from Orlando, Florida. 
She was introduced to the 3 pups last night and this morning to the rest of the crew….she is fitting in nicely and eats like a little piglet…she is not too too crazy yet about the weather (and for Calgary today was a very nice day) but will get the hang of it…I couldn’t get too many pictures of her as as soon as I pointed my camera on her I had a jumping bean and they turned out mostly fuzzy…she reminds me much of both her grandma zeekitah and her mommy lilly….thank you Luiz for sending this little girl who fitted so nicely so far. 
She is dewaine’s buddy
Owner: Martine Couture- Calgary, Canada


Oi Luiz , tudo bem ?
O Pigu já fechou o campeonato aqui no Brasil, só estamos esperando chegar os pedigree dele para homologarmos os títulos.
Ele já é campeão Brasileiro , melhor da raça e ganhou alguns títulos de campeão pan-americano. Pigu é a coisinha mais doce, carinhosa, inteligente, bom companheiro,engraçado que existe !
Louco por bolinha ! Ele olha pra gente e sai correndo procurar uma bolinha pra gente jogar pra ele.
Adora fazer bagunça na água...corre pelo jardim inteiro dando sustos nos passarinhos e depois vai se refrescar na piscina !!
É inteligentíssimo, se bobear ele engana a gente ! Em casa tem um laguinho com uns peixinhos e eu não deixo ele entrar de jeito nenhum, mas como ele é um xereta, e muito inteligente, ele pensa que me engana, mas depois de umas 3 vezes eu descobri o truque dele. Ele sai correndo e vai buscar a bolinha dele, aí ele volta com a bolinha na boca e começa a andar em volta do laguinho disfarçando, de repente joga a na água e pula dentro fingindo que entrou na água só para pegar a bolinha, mas na verdade ele quer mesmo é ver os peixinhos de perto e assustar os coitadinhos !!
Ele se dá bem com todo mundo, com as pessoas e com os outros cachorros, meigo, carinhoso e gentil, sem ser carente.
Fácil de cuidar, uma delícia de cãozinho !!
E por último, ele pensa que o limoeiro que tem em casa é um pé de bolinhas verdes, ele arranca todos os limões do pé e traz correndo pra eu jogar pra ele ir buscar !
Bom, esse é o Pigu !
Um grande abraço
Owner: Fabiana Sa - Sao Paulo, Brazil


Hello everyone,
When Jazz, came to live with us, it was only supposed to be temporary. 
We can't imagine being without her now. She has made her way into our hearts with her antics, high spirit, and sweet personality. Our days are brightened from laughing at her as well as soothed by loving her. She is the favorite of the whole neighborhood. 
Their are people lined up to watch her, if we need them, but we take her along with us instead. I never would have had the experience of showing a dog in conformation, if not for beautiful Jazz. Thanks to you, Luiz, for sharing this wonderful little girl with us. Love, Dinah and Tom
Owner: Dinah Hayes- Roscommon, MI


“HI Luiz,
Dante is wonderful, of course!! We absolutely LOVE him!!
We went to Petco today and got him some more treats & some more toys, as well as some doggie food. Thanks for reccomending that dog food to us! It is awesome and just the thing we like...holistic & all SUPER pretty packaging. Funny story here, but We as a family are so concerned about preservatives we even wanted to make Dante his own healthy treats...instead of buying them ;) So that food will be great.
The family is doing just fine with him and he loves us I think...He was sleeping on my lap yesterday, just totally passed out for the longest. It is so wonderful having a dog back in the family again.
he is just such a good and sweet dog...Thank you SO MUCH for offering us to him.
We are just thrilled!
Even my husband is liking him, and he is not really a dog person
We went to run errands tonight and when I got back I asked him if Dante needed to go outside...HE said no, I took him already ;)
How cute ;)
Dante really is in wonderful, loving hands and we as a family do not EVER foresee letting him leave us ;)
Thank you again!!!!!
Angel & family”
Owner: Angel Sanchez - Sweet Home, OR


Hi Luiz,
Zorro arrived to Stockholm at 11.00 am, local time and after that there was the customs and the check up by the vet. All the personal that had handled him on the way loved him J and I can see why ;) 
When I got him out on the ground and out of his cage he took a quick look at me and started to wag his tail…so adorable …lol J 
As soon as I let him back in his cage to make the 40 min ride home from the airport he went to sleep…and when we got home he stretched out and looked around and sense then he hasn’t left my side J he was a little worried when he saw my cats.., but only for a few min J then he started to play with my other dogs…He’s so cute when he plays with his toys J
He was really thirsty when he got home and he eat almost al the food I gave him…so I think we had a good start J Now he’s sleeping next to me on the sofa. I love him already and I think that I pretty soon can let him run free with out a leash…he follows me everywhere J 
A lot of love from us, and thanks again for this lovely boy J
Owner: Rebecca Sneitz -PinDobs Kennel, Sweden
Handled by Carol DeLoache, Applelou Cresteds


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